Therese of Lisieux 14-18 Centenary of WW1


« An Angel in turmoil »Thérèse de Lisieux 14-18 Exposition Centenaire de la Grande Guerre

between-1914-and-1918-the-tomb-of-therese-cemetery-of-lisieux-became-a-popular-pilgrimage-siteWW1 – Therese of Lisieux held a privileged place in the heart of the soldiers in the trenches, both French and Germans.

In the horror of the carnage, the small Carmelite nun was a sister, a confidante and a protector for the hairy infantrymen, named as “les Poilus”. – Between 1914 and 1918, the cemetery of Lisieux  became a popular pilgrimage site and the carmel overburdened under letters that the carmelites published under the name of Shower of Roses. /…

  • sainte-therese-cimetiere-de-lisieux_exposition-therese-dans-la-grande-guerre-mai-2014-sanctuaire-de-lisieux-eglise-saint-jacques-pluies-de-roses-14-18In May, the sanctuary of Lisieux will present an exhibition, exposing some of the 9,000 documents and objects never emerged from the archives of the carmel 

The hundred years of War 14-18

Already very known and beloved, little sister Thérèse is for many, on both sides of the front, «an Angel in turmoil»… From May 23th to October, 4, 2015  ‘100 years ago… St. Therese in turmoil 14-18’ Soeur Thérèse dans la Tourmente de la Guerre at Lisieux Eglise Saint Jacques/st Jacques church every day from 14:00 to 17:30.

The Causes of World War One. Start with the facts and work back: it may make it all the easier to understand how World War One 

Volume of Shower of Roses/Pluie de Roses 1914/15/16/17 5    illustration Charles Jouvenot Volume of St Therese Shower of Roses/Pluie de Roses abbaye-saint-benoit.chSt. Therese The Little Flower Shower Of Roses during the First World War -

world-war-one-trouville-1916-soldats-de-verdun-blessés-dans-les-hotels-transformes-en-maison-de-repos-et-hopitauxGuerre 1914-1918#1 ; Guerre 1914-1918#2 ; Guerre 1914-1918#3 ; Guerre 1914-1918#4 / french – WW1 St. Therese The Little Flower On The Battlefield  Illustrations of the Front Line Correspondence

 Interventions of sister Thérèse of the child Jesus during the War:

first medals of Therese The Little Flower  World War I June 1915. /… Thérèse on Earth, on her knees, imploring, turning her back to the men as the priest at the altar: this attitude is reused for the coverage of the Interventions of sister Thérèse of the child Jesus during the war, where Thérèse is figured on the battlefield. This illustration was a great success during the war, during which it served as a support for a number of publications of propaganda, including a « letters » (i.e. accounts of miracles) pamphlet published in 1915 and the fourth cover page of the « small life ». This illustration is a vision of the apocalypse: ground covered with soldiers, cathedral on fire, broken Calvary, dark and clouded sky… The hands of sister Thérèse seem to open the sky to let drop the Rain of Roses: she is well proposed, within religion, as the sole and exclusive remedy. A.G.

Therese-de-Lisieux-no951-fevrier-2014 Dossier Thérèse au coeur de la grande guerre   Cimetery of Lisieux the place of Therese‘s original grave from1897to1910

Cimetery of Lisieux the Carmelite plot Therese Of Lisieux 14-18 Centenary Of The Great War

Return of Therese in her Carmel 1923 — Therese of Lisieux is regarded as a great thaumaturgic Saint or, rather, as one of the best intercessors with Jesus, by the virtue of a tradition that dates back to the first publication of the Story of a Soul, and that is supported by the Rain of Roses, as well as the abundance of evidence accumulated over decades, written accounts and oral tradition ./… Les Miracles de Thérèse Archives du Carmel de Lisieux




premiere-croix-sepulture-sainte-therese-cimetiere-de-lisieux-musee-du-carmel           ww1-sainte-therese-ange-des-tranchees-pluie-de-roses-14-18-grande-guerre-st-therese-of-lisieux-agngel-of-the-tranches-world-war-one

« under the special protection of St. Thérèse de Lisieux » 

marechalpetaindaniebrottieraumoniergrandeguerremarne peredanielbrottieraumoniergrandeguerre1418 peredanielbrottieraumonierguerre14-18 Images Père Brottier Aumonier de Légende peredanielbrottiergrandeguerre    world-war-one-pere-daniel-brottier-aumonierAugust 1914: Daniel Brottier applied to the First Aid Company to the wounded militaries and he became a voluntary military chaplain. He will serve under the 26th division throughout the war and its toughest actions (battles of Verdun and the Somme) and especially the 121st R.I. dioceseauxarmees.catholique

croixdeguerreduperedalielbrottieraumonier14-18 Expo faits religieux, faits laiques pendant la grande guerre Ossuaire de Douaumont 2012 Flickr./… He got himself discharged but he obtained the government approval to start a voluntary chaplain’s corps: so this discharged army chaplain spent the Great War on the fighting line! The « Poilus » soldiers are astounded to see him always uninjured; he does not understand why himself. The key to this mystery will be given to him when he joins back Lord Bishop Jalabert, his former Bishop in Dakar, who comes to France after the war: the latter opens his breviary where there is an image of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, a dual image within Father Brottier sees his own photography with this inscription on the back: « May Little Thérèse protect my Father Brottier ». Indeed he counted on him to build a cathedral in Dakar. That is why he appointed him as his vicar general … in France; and Father Brottier got down to this task. After the war he also co-founded with Clemenceau the « National Union of fighters ». By this means he works to « prolong the brotherhood originated in the trenches deprivations and the heroic gift of him. » (John Paul II )./… abbaye-saint-benoit

 reliquary-sanctaury-shrine-of-st-therese-chapelle-rue-jean-de-la-fontaine-40-paris-16-apprentis-d_auteuil   Grave of Bx. Daniel Brottier chapelle Sainte-Thérèse-de-l’Enfant-Jésus rue Jean de La Fontaine à Paris 16e            Even before her canonization (1925) the first monuments dedicated to the « Little Therese » were built. In the year 1923, father Daniel Brottier (1876-1936), as the newly-appointed Director of the Institution unity of the Orphan Apprentices of Auteuil, decided to build a chapel dedicated to St. Therese of the Child Jesus ». Blessed Daniel Brottier was convicted of having been protected by her during the Great War and she has kept him to care of his children of Auteuil. His belief is reinforced when he learnt that Thérèse already prayed for the children of Auteuil before her death. She will be the « little mother of the children of Auteuil ». The chapel was completed in a record time and the Mass was celebrated in 1925. video paris shrine st therese of lisieux This is the first shrine in France created and dedicated to St. Therese. The chapel houses the relics of St. Therese (La Fontaine street 40 Paris).  ./… fidele34.blogspot

Religious feats exhibition, secular feats during the Great War Douaumont Ossuary 2012 Daniel« In the mud of the trenches, on the plains of death, near the bed of Agony, St. Therese was to remain with the troops faithful to the end and so her name became speedily known in the camps at the front, in the barracks, at the rear. With the quickened perception of realities which came in hours of extreme danger the poor Soldiers realized the miraculous influence of the great, generous, little Carmelite Nun, endowed with Heavenly grace and they invoked her with intense fervour ./… »  missioncapodanno leperedanielbrottier_etles_orphelinsapprentsdauteuil_basiliquedelisieux_mosaique« …/. Other saints had their « fashion period », a time more or less long, when we beg them for a while, or in some countries, then they are forgotten../… I think this will be quite different about Therese. I am convinced that in a thousand years the faithful of the Catholic Church will still pray her and she will keep making roses rain on all parts of the world. She would not have so solemnly asserted the power of her credit in heaven, being so humble, if she did not get this absolute assurance from the mouth of God. That is why I dare say that after the Virgin Mary, and after these giants of holiness called St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist, St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Teresa Child Jesus must be placed in the top ranks of the Christian heroes . » ./… Father Daniel Brottier (in Père Pichon, p. 409 & 410) translation after Notre Dame des Victoires_com   ./…

daniel-brottier-lettre-a-ses-nieces-1915./… Prayer to the Blessed Virgin found in the breviary of Blessed Daniel Brottier: « At the time of my death, Mary I have so often invoked, be close to my bed. Be there as my mother would be if she was still alive. Maybe my paralyzed tongue cannot pronounce your name, but my heart will repeat it forever. I am now calling for this fantastic moment. Will I be alone, dying far from any help, being alone without a loved hand to shut my eyes, I will die smiling, because you will be there. I hope this, I believe it, I’m sure of it. »  in foi-et-contemplation  

     carte relique Pere Brottier rectoversocarte relique Pere Brottier interieur

Souvenir of Therese sister Mary of the Trinity Archives Carmel de Lisieuxeglise_sainte_therese_paris16_apprentis_auteuilConcerning Sainte-Thérèse and the apprentices of Auteuil : their relation is from the very beginning, sister Mary of the Trinity, daughter of one of the Abbot Roussel collaborators (Mr. Castel) being a novice to sainte Thérèse in the Carmel of Lisieux in 1891 > gloss on the divine #30 written for her by Therese. She was the one who introduced the Institution to Sainte Thérèse. She remained faithful to it in her prayers until her death and beyond. “When Dad wrote to me a letter from Auteuil, I showed it to sister Thérèse. We read it together and together we prayed for the orphans of Auteuil. » Sister Mary of the Trinity – general Bulletin of the fathers of the Holy Ghost. ./… we must also mention the tireless zeal of another brother of Sister Mary of the Trinity for the Institution of orphans – apprentices of Auteuil, field still of the charity of Saint Theresa of the enfant‑jesus. The father of our sister was one of the most assiduous collaborators of the founder, Mr. Abbot Roussel, and so our little Holy heard about this dear House of charity for the unhappy childhood, and prayed for its development. She never anticipated that she would become, in the future, the providential patron and the celestial caregiver. circular of Sister Mary of the Trinity Marie-Louise Castel 1875-1944.  

>+ Man of Action, Man of God: The Life and Spirit of Blessed Daniel Brottier, CSSp / pdf – The Youngsters’ Best Friend: Fifteen Days of Prayer with Blessed Daniel Brottier, CSSp / pdf  the-abridged-editions-of-story-of-a-soul-1913-sr-therese-of-the-child-jesus-best-seller-of-the-trenches-during-ww1


Jean Pierre Leon BOURJADE French Aviator and Missionary (1889-1924)

« I firmly resolve to do my utmost to credit sister Thérèse with all the glory, which will be mine thanks to my combats, if at least God consents I get a lot of it. »  ./…   hervedavid  french

The Little Flower His Protectress ./… the very dear name of her who was his protectress, Sister Teresa of the Infant Jesus. « God, who wanted to preserve me » he writes, « used the dead Little Teresa’ to inspire me with the confidence which was the source of all my courage « As I loved to make her known and give public testimony of my faith in her. I had her picture framed on the outside of my plane » ./… September 13, 1924 The bulletin of the catholic Laymen’s Association of Georgia

Leon Bourjade French Aviator and Missionary @hervedavid.frLeon Bourjade St Therese The Little Flower the Tricolor flag with the Sacred Heart badge

Léon Bourjade with his personal Spad 13 mid-1918. This plane that bears the white code « I » and a headrest in a dark color (maybe red), was produced by Blériot; its serial number is in the 2500 to 2800 series. Inset image of St. Therese (which cannot be the original, as this last dates from 1925/fr or 1929 > 1911) fixed to the hood, under the masts of hut, and the Tricolor flag with the Sacred Heart badge deployed on the head support. (DR) Pg.58 n° 158 avions 2007. Léon Bourjade also sported a picture of Thérèse on the cabin of his Nieuport > Image


Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus, take the place of Mother who is there no longer’
nieuport-model-aircraft-french-ww1-made-of-bits-of-some-airplane-ex_voto-to-the-little-flower-carmel-lisieuxArtillery Officers gave their battery the name of the Carmelite saint; Air pilots named their machines ‘Avion Soeur-Thérèse’, entire regiments were named after her; after a few months of war-fare the number of bullets rendered harmless by coming in contact with a Relic, a medal, a picture, even a booklet- concerning Thérèse had gone beyond count. Her protection was not confined by any means just to French troops alone.  Soldiers from all over Europe showed their gratitude by the massive number of petitions sent to the Holy See to have her canonized a Saint.  The above facts are just a small part of the entire Story of Thérèse of the Troops ./… @missioncapodanno st-therese-angel-of-the-trenches-dearly-loved-by-the-armed-forces


 Discover their stories … Remember their lives    the-great-war-centenary-1914_1918-2014-2018



The role played by Pius XII during World War II has often sparked controversy among historians. On Thursday October 2, an international conference by the title, ‘Pius XII and the Second World War: Assumptions and New Archival Evidence’, is taking place here in Rome. Organised by the ‘Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi’, it’s sponsored by the ‘Pave the Way Foundation’, the Knights of Columbus and the Vicariate of Rome./…
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Lest we forget: the Irish in WWI Events have been held across the UK to mark Remembrance Sunday. At the Cenotaph in London wreaths were laid to commemorate those who have lost their lives during conflicts./… MP3

1918: A message from the King to returned prisoners of war1918-a-message-from-the-king-to-returned-prisoners-of-war
To mark a century since the Great War Jill Bevilacqua shares with us the story of her father who enlisted, on the 3rd of September 1914, in the Queen’s Westminster Rifles as a common soldier in the ranks as Rifleman A.H. Tyler.

Among the documents passed on to Jill by her father is a letter from King George V which was sent to all returned Prisoners of War from Buckingham Palace. The date is 1918 and reads: « The Queen joins me in welcoming you on your release from the miseries and hardships, which you have endured with so much patience and courage. During these many months of trial, the early rescue of our gallant officers and men from the cruel captivity has been uppermost in our thoughts. We are thankful that this longed for day has arrived, and that back in the old country you will be able once more to enjoy the happiness of a home and to see good days among those who anxiously look for your return ». MP3

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Celebration Presided Over By Pope Francis At The Military Memorial Of Redipuglia On The Occasion Of The 100Th Anniversary Of The Outbreak Of First World War Saturday, 13 September 2014

#Vatican First World War Centenary